It's time to add audio to your
content marketing strategy

While standard content is battling for attention and your audience is struggling to find the time, audio opens up a new path for you - and your content!

Learn how audio can be your game-changer

  • Why classic content marketing is struggling?
  • The parameters that make content great
  • Why the audio disruption is harder to understand
  • The 10 undeniable benefits of audio for marketing
  • 22 things you can do with audio (not podcasting!)
  • How to create your branded audio channel
  • Where in tthe customer journey can audio fit
  • What research shows about audio engagement
  • How to measure the quality of your content
  • Understanding the potential of short form audio
  • Altenative approach to the classic company blog
  • The power of tone of voice and how to find yours
  • Alternatives to audio recording
  • Case study: LG’s audio sales training kit

Who is this book for?

  • Marketing managers

  • Content managers

  • Innovation managers

  • Bloggers and
    content creators

  • Podcasters
    and voice artists

  • Entrepreneurs and
    tech enthusiasts

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17 Chapters | 51 Minutes

Meet The Author

Tal Florentin is a leading UX designer, Winner of the International UX Awards, Author, and Speaker. Florentin has designed more than 150 digital products for Top 500 companies such as Intel, Progressive, and Mercedes, to name a few.

Over the past two decades of work, it has become crystal clear to Florentin that audio is the next big thing. Florentin is not just an expert in doing, but in teaching and explaining, too. This book lays the foundation of the audio revolution for marketers; together with the fundamentals of why, and the practice of how.

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