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Place your text, choose the voice that fits your brand,
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From text to Summy:
The Perfect Content Bite

The Summy ensures maximized customer experience,
increases engagement and improves conversions

Brand identity

Logo, visuals and colors

Audio content

An audio version presentation
of the content, reducing
the need to read

Visual elements

A single, multiple images
or a video

Textual content

A transcript or a detailed textual
version for those who feel more
comfortable reading

Call to action

Choose from 7 call-to-action tools,
to make sure your
customer journey goes on.

Combining brand identity, visual elements, audio and textual content and call to action

Think Sushi

Just like sushi, a Summy is the perfect bite-sized branded content unit. Combining 3-4 minutes of audio, text, and call-to-action into a converting content piece.

The perfect tool to match prospects' attention span and deliver an optimal content experience.

The full sushi philosophy
Choose Gated
or ungated
Choose your
call to action

Combine Summies
into a Playlist

Curate multiple pieces of content
into the perfect playlist.

Where do YOU consume your content?

Allow your content to be consumed anytime, anywhere, in any format your customers prefer.

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    Dog Walking
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Track your engagement stats

Explore user behavoir to identify what’s
important for your audience and learn
what’s working for you

Opportunities are everywhere

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    Landing Page

    Use the Summy as your easy to build branded landing page and prevent your funnel from breaking

  • icons8-open_book

    White Paper

    Make it easier to consume your eBooks or white papers by turning them into audio playlists

  • icons8-secured_letter

    Newsletters Playter

    Add Summies to your marketing automation and increase engagement with your prospects

  • icons8-ball_point_pen

    Blog Posts

    Curate blog posts into a playlist and to position your brand as a category leader

  • icons8-microphone

    Audio Channel

    Add an audio channel to your website with actionable CTAs

  • icons8-ticket


    Created a theme playlist to promote or summarize your conference

  • icons8-price_tag

    Sales Enablement

    Create a new way to share your success stories, case studies and new feature announcements

  • icons8-helping_hand


    Help your customers successfully onboard to your productwith a personalized tutorial playlist.

  • icons8-online_support

    Customer Support

    Create playlists to assist your customers with guidelines, how to guides, Q&A or product manuals

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