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Summurai Privacy Policy

No need to read

OK, so if you read our terms of use document, you are a strong person. But if you’ll get to read the privacy policy as well, you totally deserve a medal. Actually, we are pretty sure we deserve a medal for writing it.

Our privacy policy document is here to explain what types of information we collect when you are using our web pages, products, content and services over the different desktop and mobile devices. We’d be happy to stop there, but the legal guys require us to also tell you where we store the information, how we are using it and when we are deleting it. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

So, what types of info we are collecting?
Summurai offers content in both text and audio. We basically do two things with our data – use it in order to help you enjoy the service, use it in order to learn about the way you are using the platform and content.

When you visit any of our pages, products or interfaces, we try to answer the following questions:

  • Where you came from?Did you arrive through a search engine? from social media? from a newsletter link? did you click a link on a referring page? or maybe you landed directly to our page?
  • What did do during your visit to the page?We want to see what was relevant to you. Did you read the items on the page? Did you listen to them? If you listened, how long were you playing the item? Did you reach the end or stopped before that? Did you interact with our player? Did you send the item to your mobile? Did you register? Did you leave feedback? Did you add items to a playlist or interacted with an existing playlist?
  • How long you stayed?Was it a short visit or a long one? How many items did you interact with?
  • Did you return?We are using technology in order to “mark” your computer. Nothing too fancy. This is standard.In order to do so we may use the user credentials that you provided, your Internet Protocol (IP) address or a cookie – a piece of code that the browser keeps on your computer. These help us understand whether you came back. Repeating visits to our service would mean that we are doing something good and you like us, as opposed to a single visit. We’ll work hard to improve your experience, provide awesome content and easy and effective ways to consume it, remind you that we exist and get you back to us on a constant basis, but only if you want to.Just to keep you calm, the information we collect is only relevant to our pages, services, and content. We don’t take any information from other places you visit, we respect your privacy, and honestly, we don’t really care about the rest of your time (hi-tech people can be so self-centered sometimes…).When we work with other third-party technologies, sometimes they keep their own cookies and use them for their purposes. In such cases, they are in charge of how they collect and use the information and should provide their own privacy policy. We can’t even imagine writing another document like that for them as well…
  • What contact is interesting for youWe are tracking the usage of content to see if the content we provide is valuable for you. We try to identify the most engaging content elements in order to get more of those. You see? This is a win-win model. We believe that the only way we can have a long relationship is if we keep on providing you great value.

In general, we use this information to improve our services, test new ideas, and we may also try to personalize the content for you, in order to make it even more relevant for you.

Communicating with you

The information you are actively providing in any of our registration or user profile forms, such as your email address and phone number, will be used both for tracking your account and for communicating with you. We may send you notifications and updates when new content arrives, we may offer you stuff either for free or offer you to purchase some of our services, and you’ll be able to accept, deny and always – ask us to stop either by using a direct unsubscribe link from the email or by changing your profile settings accordingly. At least one of these options will be accessible. Since we know you hate spam and invaluable promotions, we will do our best to respect your trust and offer only things we think you might be interested in or that can provide value to you.

Oh, and by the way, when you interact with our emails, we are using some other tracking technology by a third-party, that allows us to track open and clicks statistics. This data is like air for our product management team!

Notice that we will never email to ask you to enter your password. If you get such an email, this means that someone is pretending to be us and trying to get your information. Don’t play along. These are the bad guys. If this happens please let us know.

Sharing this information

In some cases, we are hired to provide the platform and content we offer. This means that another company is paying us in order to offer you the ability to consume content through our interfaces. In such cases, as part of the business model, the paying company will be able to get two types of information:

  1. The contact details you actively provide via registration:
    This includes the name, sometimes some basic preferences such as what you do and what type of content you are interested in and the contact details you provide, including email address and name. This information may allow them to communicate you directly, but only in a legal way, of course, and allow you to opt out (this is in their responsibility).
  2. Aggregated information about the way you use the platform and consume the content. Similar to the information described above, but only in relation to the pages and content that they are paying for. This means that we will never provide information about usage on one company’s page to another company. Let’s describe it using the YouTube metaphor. A company that hires us to run branded or unbranded content pages on our platform is like a company opening a channel on YouTube. YouTube provides information on usage and statistics about how you use the channel and shares it only with the channel owning company. Although they run multiple channels and hold all of the information, each company they work with can see only its relevant information.

When we wrote this and used some other references, we saw that others also say that they may provide this information to academic research. This is a nice concept, but nobody asked that yet. So we don’t do that right now.

When registering and creating an account
In this case, if you authenticate via a third-party platform, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter, we may collect some additional information coming from your third-party account. This may include a list of your friends or followers. We don’t do that now, but if we choose to do that at any given time, be sure we will not post or publish anything on any of your social media platforms or accounts without your permission. We really want you to share some of the information you’ll consume, but only if you decide to do so. In any given time you may change your profile settings and unsubscribe from our services. We’ll hate to see you go, but we will respect that. Notice that we may keep the information we collect after you close your account and leave, but if you come back, there is a chance you won’t be able to get your information back.

Securing the data
Our pages and interfaces are using HTTPS certificates to protect the data we transmit in and out of our pages. Every security expert will tell you that this is never a bullet-proof and we can’t have a 100% security coverage. This means that if you decide to use any of our services and consume our content in any way, you are doing it at your own risk and you should make sure to responsibly secure your account.

Storing the data
We use hosting services and store the information on third-party vendor hardware. This means that the hardware and software and everything to do with the storage and disks and network access and so on – are all things that the third-party vendors are paid to take care of. We make sure to work with top-rated vendors that are trusted who are much bigger than us. The servers hosting our stuff right now are located in London. It’s quiet there and there’s a nice tea-time break every afternoon. We chose the UK for some legal reasons our lawyers advised us to follow, so by using our services and consuming our content, you agree that your info is being stored next to the queen of England. Notice that we may move to other places in Europe. Everything there is close, so you probably won’t feel anything.

Using the Summurai embedded players
In some cases, we may allow our clients to host the Summurai services under their domain or embed our player on their website. In these cases using the Summurai platform, interfaces, tools, and content would behave as if you visited our website directly. In such cases, the hosting company can collect additional information, but this is between you and them. We don’t have any control over that and they should have their own terms of use and privacy policy. The information that they can get from us is these cases is what we described above. Notice that in any case, we do not take responsibility for anything that happens when you visit other websites. It’s their home and they are in charge.

If you are the company using the embedded player, you must display a link to the relevant privacy policy and terms of use to cover the information that has to be provided to the users.

In case something big happens
In a situation where we partner or merge with any other company and the policy changes to what their lawyers decide, and we can’t make them change their minds and work with our fun-to-read policy, we will let you know and allow you to decide if you are OK with them.

If you need anything, we are here for you.
Please contact us via <tal at summurai dot com>. Yeah. The founder’s own email. We’re small he likes a personal connection.


Tal Florentin

Founder @ Summurai
Florentin, a UX specialist, award winner, speaker and author, has founded Summurai to help busy professionals know more with less efforts and turn audio into a game changer in the communication between businesses and their customers.

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