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Summurai Terms of Use

No need to read


Hey there.
Here are the terms of use of our services and pages.
If you came to look for our privacy policy, you’ll find it here.

You have to agree… No other choice…
By accessing our service and visiting our website, you agree to the terms.
If you don’t agree – you can’t use the website and services
and you’ll have to leave and spend your time somewhere else.

If you need a recommendation about where to go, here’s a link to an updating list of the best movies on Netflix. (But as you know, you’ll have to accept their terms of service as well, and they are much more serious about that than us).

So the terms of service documented here define the agreement between us –
You (“the visitor”) and us – Summurai Interactions Ltd. (“The company”) – the owner and operator of the website and Service.

In our house we get to do whatever we want!
We can change the terms of service and privacy policy whenever we want,
even though we hate dealing with that horrible page, and prefer doing other things. Seriously. This is the most hated task of Summurai.

Besides the terms, we may change things, stop offering things, restrict access to things at any time, without notice.

We may remove or update the content, update the services or cancel them, and if you register, we will be able to suspend or delete your account if we’d like to. Currently, we would really like you to stay.

Our website offers a lot of text and audio content
You can read whatever you like and listen to whatever you like. This is the cool thing we offer! Listening instead of reading! Or even sending the content to your mobile in order to listen later. But you can’t do anything else with the content…

You are not allowed to download it, publish it somewhere else or copy it and use it anywhere else, or anything else we didn’t allow specifically in this document. We are pretty easy going and we like new things, so if you’d like to try something or cooperate in any way, let’s talk. Go ahead and send an email directly to Summurai’s founder at *tal at summurai dot com* and let’s do things that were never done before!

The Summurai kingdom, content, and services
Besides the content, we also own the full legal rights for the visual elements you see. Also, there’s a chance that some elements used based on third-party open source licenses. We don’t allow you to use, copy or adapt any part of our code or visual elements, without getting a written agreement, and honestly, we hate writing agreements. Go on and be creative. Make things on your own. You’ll feel so proud.

Let’s be specific for a sec:

  • We don’t allow you to try and break things or hurt us, our systems or any of our visitors. Seriously. why would you try such a thing?
  • We don’t allow you to run any bots or technical services that would extract the data or content from our website for any reason.
  • Do bad things that hackers do, like forging packet headers or header info to send false ID info or try to act like this is someone else or like you are visiting from a different location. Come on, let’s play fair and spend time doing good things for each other!
  • We don’t allow you to disturb other users from enjoying what we are trying to do here by doing bad things to our services or technical infrastructure.
  • However, we do allow getting info from our pages, if you are running a search engine and use the robots.txt file and you’d like to help us appear or rank high in search results and get more traffic.
  • Come’on, and be a friend.
    If you find any security vulnerability on any of our web pages, please let us know. This would mean a lot.
  • We do allow you to help us gain revenue, get more client leads, help us close deals, help us get more paying clients, get higher on search results, get crazy PR from relevant publishers, get top celebs talking about us and spreading the word, help us get a spot on the Kardashians or Oprah or any other place that can get us rocking. Doing any of the listed above under the current bullet would be considered a good thing and we’ll appreciate it so much.

Don’t bring your kids
This one is a legal thing. Our platform, content, and services are for people by the age of 13 or over. If you are here, you approve that you are at least 13 years old. If not – go to your mother now!

We’ll be watching you (in a good way)
In order to learn about our user behavior and improve our interfaces, engagement, and revenue, we are tracking different aspects of usage using different tools. Things like Google Analytics, Hot Jar and more. This helps us understand how people are using our services and pages, whether you are doing what we expect and want and how we can do better. By accessing our services, you agree to let us collect and use that kind of information, as detailed later on in our privacy policy.

In general, we are not interested in you specifically. It’s not personal. You’ll just take a part of our learning efforts and statistics.

Also, there’s a legal thing with the place where the data that we keep is collected and stored. Currently, our servers are in London, so you have to agree that the information will be stored there. They are so great at keeping things. See how they preserve that thing with the queen.

Posting things on comments
If you see a place you can comment on any of our pages, please behave. We just talked about the United Kingdom. Think how polite they are and try to act as they would. If we see that something you are saying is wrong or inappropriate, or even something we just don’t like, you agree that we will remove it and maybe even remove you from our services. We will do so only to make sure our kingdom is fun for everybody.

You get what you see
You may use the service and information we offer as is, at your own risk.
We don’t offer any warranty with the content and services.

You are a big child (at least 13, remember?)
We don’t know what you are going to do with the info you get from us.
In any case, you take the full responsibility for anything you do that refers to what we have here or uses it or is based on it, including anything you may want to claim, such as a loss or any type of breach.

Don’t get picky
If some judge says that something in this agreement is wrong, we agree to still take the rest of this agreement seriously and consider it as valid. You see how much we are trying…

Location, location, location…
The terms of use are governed by Israeli law. You agree that any suit arising from the Services must take place in a court located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Israel is a great place to visit, and we hope you’ll have much better reasons to visit us. If you are around, please contact us and we’ll be happy to show you around.

What a long text to start a relationship…
Our philosophy is all about making things shorter, but these lawyers are killing us…
This long text represents the agreement between you and us.
We hope to have much more pleasant interactions.

If you’d like to ask something or just looking for someone to talk to, please write to us. Send an email to <tal at summurai dot com>. We’d love to hear from you.


Tal Florentin

Founder & Emperor @ Summurai
Florentin, a UX specialist, award winner, speaker and author, has founded Summurai to help busy professionals know more with less efforts and turn audio into a game changer in the communication between businesses and their customers.

Let them listen
to your content.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Your users will get your posts in a branded web player they can easily access from anywhere. No app required.

Add Playter to your blog
and turn visitors into leads.

Let your visitors listen to your content

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