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The Open Tab Trap is killing your funnel

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How Content Consumption Habits Impact Your Marketing Funnel?

In the digital age, content consumption has reached unprecedented heights. With 7 million blog posts being published every day, there seems to be an endless stream of information available at our fingertips. However, the available time people have to consume this massive amount of content is limited. We are getting stimulated with great content all day long via the internet and social media. In fact, a closer look reveals that blog posts are often overlooked, given that the average time spent reading a blog post is 37 seconds.

In March 2022, the Nielsen Norman Group (N/NG) conducted research on how people read on the web. The findings were eye-opening, highlighting the fact that users rarely read content word-for-word. Instead, they engage in a process of scanning, quickly glancing at the page, and deciding whether to invest more time in reading or move on. This behavior is fueled by the vast amount of information available and the limited attention spans of modern users.

While discussing marketing lead generation strategy based on content, it is often when we face 

the phenomenon, known as the “Open Tab Trap”. 

This phenomenon poses a significant challenge for marketers trying to capture and retain their audience’s attention. 

The real process of content consumption often begins with users discovering content through various channels such as search engines, social media platforms, or newsletters. When they stumble upon an intriguing article, white paper or ebook, they often fall into the Open Tab Trap.

They open the tab, scan the content, and decide that it is too complex or time consuming to read now, so they leave the tab open to read it later, intending to come back when they have more time or when they are in the right mindset. Unfortunately, these intentions often remain unfulfilled as the tab lingers in the browser, collecting dust.

The Open Tab Trap poses a significant problem for marketers and businesses.
Each content unit such as eBook, white paper or blog post takes lots of resources, time and money to write, design and bring visitors. Though businesses succeed in bringing prospects and customers to discover the content, customers are not necessarily consuming it. 

When users leave tabs open, they become buried under a mountain of other open tabs, competing for attention. This creates a break in the marketing funnel, as users fail to progress to the desired actions, such as booking a demo, making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. As a result, marketers end up wasting even more valuable time and resources on remarketing and retargeting efforts, trying to re-engage users who may have forgotten about their initial intent.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to help marketers navigate the Open Tab Trap and optimize their funnels. Summurai is offering a new content experience to enhance your marketing funnel leading your business for improved content engagement and conversion. 

It’s time to heal your funnel!

The combination of Summurai platform, with our Playter solution addresses exactly this challenge of lost attention and helps marketers recapture their audience’s focus and complete the funnel. Summurai deliver an optimized content experience that can revolutionize your content strategy and captivate your prospects. It offers people to consume your content anytime, anywhere, in any format, to improve your business KPIs.

When you invest in great content and get great downloads but low conversions, it may not necessarily be your content. You may have hit the Open Tab Trap without knowing it.

Don’t forget – downloads are not equal to consumption. This gap can be easily filled with the combination of Summurai solutions; Summy, Playlist and Playter. 

Let’s discuss Summy!
Summy is the base unit of the Summurai solution.

It is a perfect bite-size content experience unit, that combines branding, text, visuals, audio and call to action button. Each Summy can be used as a stand alone unit with a unique URL, or as part of a playlist combining several Summies. The playlist could be used for a curated list of separated content or can be used as chapters of a longer piece of content such as ebook, white paper or case study. Each content could be available publicly or used as a gated content for lead generation or paid customers only.

OK, So why is it better?

The audio alternative can increase engagement. While text-based content is usually the norm, Summurai offers your prospects the choice of listening to audio content in addition to reading a detailed transcript, accommodating those who prefer reading. Your content is accessible and enjoyable for all users in their preferred format with this inclusive approach. It is ensuring your prospects can consume it at their convenience.

Unlike text and video, which require undivided attention, audio is user-friendly and allows your audience to listen while doing other tasks. Whether they are commuting, jogging, or engaged in other activities, this flexibility allows your audience to enjoy the benefits of your content while multitasking. This way you can provide your prospects a seamless and enjoyable experience while consuming your message.

Another advantage is that audio has a higher chance of evoking emotions when used correctly. It can create empathy, compassion, and trust, reaching into our hearts and aligning with the tone of voice you want to associate with your brand. The audio component of the Summy allows you to infuse emotion and personality, making your content more engaging and relatable.

How does it help to solve the Open Tab Trap?

This is where the Summurai’s Playter solution comes to help marketers to combat the Open Tab Trap and maximize their funnel’s effectiveness. 

With Playter, your customers and prospects can schedule content into their daily routine. This solution, whether gated or not, could be embedded in your marketing funnel, increasing commitment, engagement and the likelihood of your content being consumed. 

The user interface empowers your customer with a set of choices, offering them the alternatives of reading or listening, as well as the option to schedule and fit the content into their daily routines (commuting, jogging, bedtime reading, etc).
The Playter supports a multi-channel customer journey and helps your audience move fluently from desktop discovery to mobile consumption. The customer and prospects can reach this fully branded web-based content from any device, no download required.

Summurai’s solutions, whether Summies, Playlists, or Playter, all include a call to action button. The CTA button ensures your customers can complete your funnel at any time, anywhere, on any device. The combination of all 3 types of solution we offer, can heal your marketing funnel and make sure your content is not left behind.

Lastly, to summarize this article, the Open Tab Trap presents a significant obstacle for marketers to capture and retain their audience’s attention and content consumption. 

In order to break through the noise, skip over the Open Tab Trap, increase consumption, and reduce remarketing efforts, marketers must adapt their strategies. Summurai offers solutions that optimize content engagement and make sure marketing efforts aren’t lost in a sea of open tabs. By embracing these solutions, marketers can navigate the challenges of the digital landscape and achieve their desired goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Tal Florentin

Founder @ Summurai
Florentin, a UX specialist, award winner, speaker and author, has founded Summurai to help busy professionals know more with less efforts and turn audio into a game changer in the communication between businesses and their customers.

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