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Recent posts

Turn your blog posts to podcast with AI and Summurai

How to turn your blog posts into audio and load them to the leading podcast platforms


Outstanding Audio Lead Magnet in less than 30 minutes with ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Summurai

The challenge of creating significant content Disclaimer: This is not an official product of DocuSign. It is merely a demonstration. As a mark...


Sushi Philosophy: Think Sushi and Embrace the Summy Experience

When it comes to lead generation and content marketing, finding the perfect balance between engaging your audience and delivering valuable informatio...


The Open Tab Trap is killing your funnel

How Content Consumption Habits Impact Your Marketing Funnel? In the digital age, content consumption has reached unprecedented heights. With 7 mil...


How to send voice messages on WhatsApp without annoying your customers

Why do we hate receiving WhatsApp voice messages, how do you make WhatsApp voice messages super effective and how you can use them in your marketing ...


51% prefer audio. We checked.

51% asked to get audio. Not text. Not video.


History is killing the future of audio experiences

I finally figured out what they consider audio a thing of the past.


The real cost of blogging

How much will it cost you to create blog items for your company?


Hijacking the content industry money train

Finding my product's way in a world of different players and motivations.


A different approach to finding your next marketing leader

How we used a different crowd sourcing process to create our growth strategy and recruit our new digital marketing lead.


Get the ebook

Get the ebook!

You guessed right! You’ll be able to listen instead of read…