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A Proven Method For Showing The Value Of Good UX

Summy Transcript

One of the most common questions about UX is how to get people within an organization to take it seriously. You might try and do everything you can to try and prove it, but no one seems to listen. However, little do you know, that there is probably someone that is interested in UX in your organization, but just does not know it yet. The easiest way to find them and convince them is by following the following steps. First, starting with the frustrations that are caused due to poor experiences. This can include salespeople attempting to sell products that are difficult to explain or demonstrate, call centers dealing with poor product design, lost of work productivity, rewriting interface code, or users not using built out features. Second, you need to identify the cost due to frustration. This can include cost due to lost revenue in sales, increased support, lost productivity, extra development rewrites, and unused features. Third, it is important to find the person who is in charge of reducing costs. These people are usually pretty easy to find. However, the main thing to note is that they are not usually in the same group as the design team. For example, they might be the people in sales. They just never realized that support UX design could also reduce product cost. Fourth, it is important to ask this new person to become a champion of UX and sponsor UX projects. Through the use of lean UX and your new partner, you can focus on reducing the cost of frustration. This includes assembling a multidisciplinary team from all parts of the organization to accurately collect data about the points of frustration and how to whittle away at the total costs of these. By doing all of these things you can much more clearly and easily show to your organization the importance of UX.