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How We Sold An 18-Month-Old Site For Mid 6 Figures

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It seems like everyone is starting a website and looking to make money. However, with so many websites out there, what do you have to do in order to truly succeed?

AuthorityHacker has just sold a website in the mid 6 figure range that was only 18 months old. However, they have been doing this for a long time, and have learned many different methods in order to grow successful, profitable websites through advanced SEO niche research.

First, they focus on affiliate payout. However, you might think that this only works for sites with a lot of traffic. This is not the case. Rather, it is important to make more money per customer. You do this through affiliate offers a payout. While some places such as Amazon Associates only pay out at around 3 to 8%, AuthorityHacker made a site that paid out at around 30 to 70%. Second, they focused on building a family friendly website. Whenever building a successful website, it is important to get backlinks. This helps to build up your site in a legitimate manner that Google likes. However, if you build websites with less than savory content, it becomes much harder to get those links. Third, they focused on selling good products. Fourth, they focused on going after a large number of keywords. In fact, they went after hundreds of keywords. Fifth, they focused on growing the business over time. This meant that they focused on a stable niche with future growth potential.

When planning this successful website, they didn’t just focus on the single niche category. Rather, they went slightly broader. In addition, they already had around the first 120 pages of the website planned out before it even went live. As such, they then just focused on getting a full-time writer. However, rather than just rehashing information that you could easily find on Google, they went ahead and focused on creating new insightful information.

The next step was to focus on getting links from other websites. First, it was important to get a lot of them. In fact, many top sites have at least 500, with some of the best ones getting as much as 10,000 backlinks. Second, it was important to get links from reputable sources such as CNN, Wikipedia, and Huffington Post.

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